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Swan Hill June Races

June-Kings Birthday Long Weekend

The Swan Hill June Races are a highlight of the regional Victorian calendar, drawing locals and visitors alike to the picturesque town nestled along the Murray River. Held annually in June, this event blends the excitement of horse racing with a vibrant carnival atmosphere.

Attendees can expect thrilling races, fashion competitions, and a lively social scene. With a backdrop of lush greenery, the races offer a perfect opportunity to indulge in the region’s hospitality while enjoying the horse racing. From families to racing enthusiasts, the Swan Hill June Races offer something for everyone, making it a cherished tradition in the heart of Victoria

Finish Line Swan Hill Race Track
River Lights at Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement

River Lights Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement

June 28th to July 7th 2024

During school holidays, the River Lights at the Pioneer Settlement in Swan Hill offer a captivating experience for families and children alike.

As night falls, the historic Pioneer Settlement transforms into a magical wonderland, illuminated by an array of vibrant lights. This enchanting spectacle combines stunning visual effects with a rich narrative, lighting up displays around the Pioneer Settlement. 

The River Lights experience is not only magical, but exciting for children of all ages. Making it a perfect outing for families looking to create lasting memories during the school holidays.

Agricultural Show

Annual Swan Agricultural Show

4th and 5th October 2024

The Swan Hill Agricultural Show is a tradition that celebrates the rich agricultural heritage and community spirit of Swan Hill and its surrounding regions.

Held annually, this vibrant event showcases the best of rural life, featuring livestock exhibitions, agricultural displays, and competitions highlighting the skill and dedication of local farmers and growers.

From prized cattle and sheep to impressive crop displays, the show provides a fascinating glimpse into the agricultural industries that sustain the area. There are also cooking, flowers and crafts made by locals.

Beyond agriculture, attendees can enjoy a diverse array of entertainment, including carnival rides, live music, and delicious food stalls offering gourmet delights and traditional favorites.

The Swan Hill Agricultural Show is more than just a showcase of farming; it’s a celebration of community pride and a testament to the enduring bond between urban and rural life in Victoria.

Local Markets in the Region

In and around Swan Hill there are Monthly markets. At these markets you can usually purchase locally grown produce and local crafts.

Take a walk through the stalls and you may find that special gift for a friend or loved one. Maybe it is something for yourself.

Meet the friendly people from the local area, who are always up for a chat. It is often an excuse for locals to meet up and talk about whats happening locally.

Local Community Market. Customer Shaking sellers hand
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